Upcoming Events

Tuesday  Apr. 24, 2018
High Efficiency Single and Multijunction Organic Photovoltaics
Xiaozhou (Amy) Che
PhD Candidate
Applied Physics, UM
12:30pm - 2:30pm in 133 Chrysler

Wednesday  Apr. 25, 2018
Architecting Memory System for Emerging Technologies
Byoungchan Oh
2:30pm - 4:30pm in 3725 BBB

Friday  Apr. 27, 2018
Systems and Methods for Measuring and Improving End-User Application Performance on Mobile Devices
Ashkan Nikravesh
3:00pm - 5:00pm in 3725 Beyster Building


Past Events

Monday  Apr. 23, 2018
Keywords at Work: Investigating Keyword Extraction in Social Media Applications
Shibamouli Lahiri

Tuesday  Apr. 17, 2018
Frequency Comb Generation from Semiconductor Laser Diodes
Mark Dong

Tuesday  Apr. 10, 2018
Addressing Memory Bottlenecks for Emerging Applications
Animesh Jain

Monday  Apr. 09, 2018
Millimeter-Scale Encapsulation of Wireless Resonators for Environmental and Biomedical Sensing Applications
Jiqing Jiang

Friday  Apr. 06, 2018
Data Resource Management in Throughput Processors
John Kloosterman

Monday  Apr. 02, 2018
Securing Modern Appified Platform Through Systematic Program Analysis and Design
Yunhan Jia

Monday  Mar. 26, 2018
Optical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (OQCM) for Dual-Mode Analysis
Zhizheng (Victoria) Zhang

Friday  Mar. 23, 2018
Advances in Quantitative MRI: Acquisition, Estimation, and Application
Gopal Nataraj

Tuesday  Mar. 20, 2018
From Attack to Defense: Toward Secure In-vehicle Networks
Kyong Tak Cho

Understanding Financial Market Behavior Through Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis
Erik Brinkman

Millimeter-scale RF Integrated Circuits and Antennas for Energy-efficient Wireless Sensor Nodes
Hyeongseok Kim
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Monday  Mar. 19, 2018
Optimizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Image-Guided Radiotherapy
Lianli Liu

Friday  Mar. 16, 2018
Acoustic Sensing: Mobile Applications and Frameworks
Yu-Chih Tung

Wednesday  Mar. 14, 2018
Selecting and Generating Computational Meaning Representations for Short Texts
Catherine Finegan-Dollak

Towards Power- and Energy-efficient Datacenters
Chang-Hong Hsu


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