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Upcoming Events

Tuesday  Jul. 25, 2017
Fast Internet-Wide Scanning: A New Security Perspective
Zakir Durumeric
3:00pm - 5:00pm in GM Conference Room, 4th Floor, Lurie Engineering Center
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Monday  Aug. 14, 2017
Low-power Volatile and Non- volatile Memory Design
Qing Dong
2:00pm - 4:00pm in EECS 3316


Past Events

Thursday  Jul. 20, 2017
Place Recognition and Localization for Multi-Model Underwater Navigation with Vision and Acoustic Sensors
Jie Li

Friday  Jul. 14, 2017
Cost-Effective Support for Low Latency Cloud Storage
Zhe Wu
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Wednesday  Jun. 28, 2017
Energy Efficient Pipeline ADCs Using Ring Amplifiers
Yong Lim

Friday  Jun. 16, 2017
Problems in Scattering and Imaging
Miao-Bin Lien

Thursday  Jun. 15, 2017
Enabling Visibility Into Building Energy Consumption Through Novel Metering Designs and Methods
Samuel DeBruin
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Wednesday  Jun. 14, 2017
Miniaturized Pumps and Gauges for Ultra-High Vacuum Microsystems
Shiyang Deng

Monday  May. 15, 2017
Solving Large-Scale AC Optimal Power Flow Problems Including Energy Storage, Renewable Generation, and Forecast Uncertainty
Jennifer Felder Marley

Friday  May. 12, 2017
Low-Power Energy Efficient Circuit Techniques for Small IoT Systems
Wanyeong Jung

Robust Learning From Multiple Information Sources
Tianpei Xie

Thursday  May. 11, 2017
Circuit Techniques for Low-Power and Secure Internet-of-Things Systems
Kaiyuan Yang

Low Power Autonomous Microsystems for Oil Well Logging Application
Yu Sui

Wednesday  May. 10, 2017
A Theory of Model Selection in Reinforcement Learning
Nan Jiang
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Monday  May. 08, 2017
Efficient Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Converters for High Frequency Applications
Mehmet Dayanik

Wednesday  May. 03, 2017
Methods for Free-Breathing  Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI
Mai Le

Wednesday  Apr. 26, 2017
Variable Weight Kernel Density Estimation


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