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Upcoming Seminars

Friday  Jul. 28, 2017
Fundamental Limits of Remote Estimation
Jhelum Chakravorty
Research Associate
McGill University
1:00pm - 2:00pm in 1005 EECS


Past Seminars

Friday  Jul. 14, 2017
Mean Field Teams
Aditya Mahajan
Associate Professor
McGill University

Thursday  Jun. 08, 2017
An information theoretical view of information elicitation mechanisms
Yuqing Kong
University of Michigan

Monday  May. 22, 2017
The sympathy of pendulum clocks and network synchronization
Henk Nijmeijer
Eindhoven University of Technology

Friday  Mar. 24, 2017
Influence Maximization in Stochastic and Adversarial Settings
Po-Ling Loh
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Monday  Jan. 09, 2017
What You Saw Is Not What You Get: domain adaptation for deep learning
Kate Saenko
Assistant Professor
Boston University, Department of Computer Science
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Friday  Dec. 02, 2016
Transitory Queueing Models and Optimal Scheduling
Harsha Honnappa
Assistant Professor
Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering

Monday  Nov. 28, 2016
Part I: Wiretap Channels with Random States Part II: Differential Privacy as a Mutual Information Constraint
Paul Cuff
Assistant Professor
Princeton University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Wednesday  Nov. 16, 2016
Object Detection and Grounding Referring Expressions Using Deep Networks
Larry Davis
University of Maryland, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

Wednesday  Nov. 02, 2016
Image Parsing with Multilevel Representations
Greg Shakhnarovich
Associate Professor
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Friday  Oct. 14, 2016
Distributed Control of Loads to Provide Virtual Energy Storage for Renewable Integration
Prabir Barooah
Associate Professor
University of Florida, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tuesday  Oct. 04, 2016
Adaptive Horizon Model Predictive Control
Arthur J Krener
Naval Post Graduate School, Department of Applied Mathematics

Tuesday  Sep. 06, 2016
Optimal Power Flow: Online Algorithm and Fast Dynamics
Steven Low
California Institute of Technology

Friday  Sep. 02, 2016
Early Epidemic Detection — Inference from Weak Signals
Sanjay Shakkottai
University of Texas at Austin

Thursday  Sep. 01, 2016
Bayesian Optimization and other Bad Ideas for Hyperparameter Optimization
Kevin Jamieson
Post Doctoral Researcher
University of California, Berkeley

Thursday  Jun. 23, 2016
Correctness and Control for Human-Cyber-Physical Systems
Dorsa Sadigh
Ph.D. Candidate
University of California, Berkeley


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