July 2014
Peter Tchoryk
better light bulb

A better light bulb

A new approach to building phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes (PHOLEDs), spearheaded by Prof. Stephen Forrest, will make them useful even for general lighting. PHOLEDs have already been adopted as a key lighting material for smart phones.

better laser beam

Highly efficient laser-like beams

Prof. Pallab Bhattacharya and his team created the first room-temperature polariton laser that is fueled by electrical current as opposed to light. The device creates these beams using 250x less electricity than its conventional counterpart made of the same material.

T-rays to sound

Listening to light waves

Terahertz waves (T-rays) can be used for weapons detection, medical imaging, diagnosis, and even astronomy - but they are not easy to detect. ECE researchers created a device that turns T-rays into ultrasound, which is then detected by a highly sensitive, and small, acoustic sensor.

memristor magic

How do memristors remember?

Metal particles in memristors, which are computer components that combine logic and memory functions, apparently don’t stay put. The research, led by Prof. Wei Lu, shows how memristors are able to remember, and has broad implications for the entire semiconductor industry.

Finding a new way to convert solar to energy

ECE is home to a new five-year $7.5M MURI led by Prof. Stephen Rand that aims to provide a better understanding of phenomena driven by the magnetic field component of light. The DYNAMO Center will investigate the prospects for direct conversion of light to electricity without any thermodynamic loss.

IEEE AP-S distinguished educator

Prof. Eric Michielssen received the 2014 IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society Chen-To Tai Distinguished Educator Award for being an outstanding educator, mentor and role model for the next generation of faculty members.


Student roundup
Student roundup

Chia Hsiang Chen - Intel Fellowship for research in low-power and error-resilient circuit techniques

Parinaz Naghizadeh - Barbour Scholar researching economic network security

Muzhi Wang - IEEE IMS2014 paper award for MEMS research


Designing Adaptable Robots

robot video
What happens when you send a robot with wheels out for a mission, but it turns out to need legs instead?

Xplore Engineering

Xplore Engineering

xplore nano

Alumni spent 2 days exploring engineering with their children and grandchildren. They learned about the world of nano, robotics, drones, wind power, and lots more!

Be a Victor for ECE

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Victor for ECE

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