EECS 373 Times and Locations

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Repeating Events

Event Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Location
Lecture 3pm–4:20pm 3pm–4:20pm 1010 Dow
Prof. office hours
(also often in lab)
4:30pm–5:30pm 4:30pm–5:30pm 2417-E EECS
Labs Lab hours spreadsheet 2334 EECS

One-Time Events

Event Time Location (letter ranges refer to surnames)
Midterm 1 review session 5pm–7pm 18 February 1010 DOW
Midterm exam 1 6pm–7:20pm 20 February 1012 (A–C, 1311 (D–L), and 1500 EECS (M–Z)
Midterm 2 review session 5pm–7pm 24 March 1010 DOW
Midterm exam 2 6pm–7:20pm 26 March 1012 (A–C, 1311 (D–L), and 1500 EECS (M–Z)
Demo Day 10am–3pm 23 April EECS Atrium


Date Lecture Topic Labs Project Homework
11 Jan. Intro.
16 Jan. Arch., assem., ABI CAD Tools and GPIO HW1 assigned
18 Jan. Assem., ABI
23 Jan. Assem., MMIO, APB Assembly and ABI
25 Jan. Assem., MMIO, APB HW2 assigned
29 Jan. Brainstorming proposals due
30 Jan. Assem., MMIO, APB Memory Mapped IO Team formation meeting
1 Feb. APB
6 Feb. Interrupts Interrupts Draft proposals due HW3 assigned
8 Feb. Interrupts
13 Feb. Timers Timers Final proposals due
15 Feb. Timers HW4 assigned
20 Feb. No lecture Serial
22 Feb. Serial
27 Feb. Parts list ready for ordering
29 Feb.
5 Mar. Serial and ADCs ADC/DAC HW5 assigned
7 Mar. ADCs, DACs, datasheets
12 Mar. ADCs, DACs, datasheets HW6 assigned
14 Mar. Analog and PCB Checkpoint 1
19 Mar. Analog and PCB
21 Mar. Power
26 Mar. No lecture
28 Mar. Filters and amps.
2 Apr. TBD
4 Apr. TBD Checkpoint 2
9 Apr. TBD
11 Apr. TBD
16 Apr. TBD
18 Apr. TBD
23 Apr. Demo Day
30 Apr. Final report due

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